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Holly Whitman
Holly Whitman
has had a passion for writing since she was in fifth grade.

She was part of a writers' group project to co-write and
publish a short novel in the local newspaper, as well as
creating and running writing workshops for children.

Holly is a former feature writer of a column, In The Spotlight, for the
Cochise County News Group and the Sierra Vista News.

For several years Holly was on a committee responsible for creating
writers' conferences  for Cochise College in Sierra Vista, Arizona.

Holly is a member of Writers Express, as well as the
Cochise County and National chapters of Sisters in Crime (SinC),
a group for readers and writers.

She is a member of the "rowing committee"
that created the very successful
Sisters in Crime Book Fair in March 2006,
as well as the upcoming book fair in 2007.
She was also in charge of
the Sisters in Crime children's writing contest.

In addition to writing whenever and wherever she can,
Holly is currently employed part-time as a music teacher,
sharing her other passion with elementary school children.
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